Content Research Hub Review: Is This My Goldmine?

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Content Research Hub -- Solving Writers' Biggest Problems.

I discovered Content Research Hub just yesterday, but it didn’t take me long to realize this thang had definite possibilities to change my future forever. In only an hour, I knew I had found a diamond in the rough. Is this my goldmine I’ve been waiting for? Dunno yet. But to bring you up to date on my last 24 hours, let me start with what I wrote in the Warrior Forum within a few hours of my purchase. What was at first intended to be a short little note quickly got overpowered by just how much I was loving this thang!

Content Research Hub: My First Day Impressions

Dear Warriors,

I’ll write an indepth review later, but have a midnight deadline to reach so can’t go into detail right now.

But suffice it to say I bought the Content Research Hub, downloaded it, input the activation key, entered the barebones 2-word keyword for my specialty niche, waited 48 minutes for it to “gather research,” “crawl the URLs,” “extract content” from all the checked sites (I chose them all) and the web, and spit out the results of 298 sentences, 562 titles, and even more URLs.

I’m a giddy writing teacher on bug-eye juice right now. Yahoozie, this thang is AWESOME!!!

Setting High Goals For Content Research

I then set myself into research production mode and did the following 100 times, averaging less than 40 seconds to create and name a file with the research for each of my 100 unique articles I plan to write. All I had to do was:

1. Click “Create Article” button.
2. Click the “Save X# Word Article” button.
3. Click the “Save” button in the window with my new article.
4. Type a filename for my new article (I use ART Keywords #, so I simply add 1 each time)
5. Click the “Save” button or hit Enter on your keyboard.
6. Click the “Close” button on the dialogue box.
7. Click the X in the upper right corner of the article’s window to close the window.
8. Rinse and repeat, clicking on “Create Article” again to get a new article/research.

Yes, you can do this in less than a minute, about an hour for 100 files full of factual sentences (mostly) and research that you can use to revise, edit, and create your own totally unique articles.

The search only brings back from 1-7 sentences (mostly 1-2 sentences that I noticed), so there’s no danger you’ll get zapped for duplicate copy if you just do a good job of revising and editing and polishing your story.

I’m a professional writer, editor, and former writing instructor who has worked for American Honda, Scientific Games, the Air Force, my own community newspaper, etc., as well as having taught English, grammar, and writing in high school and been a state graduation test writing rater and evaluator, so I KNOW what it’s like to evaluate, grade and/or edit 150 essays or articles overnight!

My ReSource Robin Recommendation

My recommendation to writers of all kinds and purposes is to GET THIS THANG! It’s an awesome mass research and writing production organizer and producer. I’ve already thought of a million ways to put this baby to work for me… but after thinking about it for about 30 seconds, I realized I was wasting my time and, instead, put that THANG to work for me and created those 100 research/article files in ONE HOUR !!!!!

So, for at least that one website, I don’t have to worry about “writer’s block” again for a whole year! I know I’ve got at least two articles that can be edited in less than 30 minutes every week with no fear of writer’s block. And though I tried out the spinner (works fine), I decided not to even play with that yet. So if you want to play spinnerama with it, knock your selves out to fill out the other five articles for your week and you could have fresh material to work with for the next 365 days. (But just know, I’m already one hour and 112 days ahead of you, tee hee)!

Grab Your Best Goal & Put Content Research Hub To Work

Will come back later and tell you more. There are a few little things that could make it even better, but nothing that’s required to get the job done, and certainly nothing that should prevent you from putting this to work for you TODAY!

I’m telling you, if you sit down and set a goal of setting up at least 10 article files to work with, then you’ll be amazed at how productive you can be when you sit down with a ready-made fact sheet w/lots of titles and very little thinking required. Granted, I’m a professional, but this sure cuts out a lot of research and thinking time that I think everyone would agree is a HUGE benefit.

I also urge you NOT to waste all this valuable research. It’s gold… solid gold.

So for me… this is a DEFINITE KEEPER!

Stay Tuned For My High-Volume Article Writing Results

When I finish the first 10 articles, I’ll try to remember to come back here and tell you how long it took me. Just know I’m a picky perfectionist with my articles, so I don’t settle for half-way done.

So, KUDOS to the creators of this little gem! You most certainly had me at click, save, “Hello!”

Robin Carlisle

Update: I Loved It So Much, I Bought The Company?

Remember that old commercial? Well, I remember the slogan, but can’t remember that product. Anyway, I kinda feel like that about Content Research Hub. Since I don’t have that kind of moula to buy them out, and really believe this product has great value at such a low one-time cost, I decided to sign on as an affiliate promoter. So if you click on any of my links here, I want you to know that I will get a commission from any sale that results.

However, I’ve NEVER done this before. This will be a first for me. But since I started using this product, it quickly made me see things in an entirely different way. I know certain markets for this would NOT be tapped if I don’t jump on this bandwagon. And those groups reeeeeeally need this thang! No kidding. So here I go, with my big old heart hanging out, telling you that I’m really sincerely in love with this product BECAUSE it has increased my organization and writing output 100+ times over what I was producing beforehand.

That said, come back here to check out how things progress for me. I’m sure everyday I’m going to discover yet another way I can use this to increase my productivity and will be happy to share whatever I learn to make writing easier and more profitable through Content Research Hub. Quite frankly, since it only brings back a few sentences from other articles, I’m spending a LOT less time getting distracted by interesting articles while I’m researching. That’s a HUGE benefit to me, as I love ALL pretty shiny and scientific objects and the articles that describe them indepth.

Till then,

Robin Carlisle

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